Improving access to sport, leisure and recreation opportunities

Action Area

Improving access to sport, leisure and recreation opportunities

Strategic Direction

Local Solutions

Priority Actions

Improving responses to vulnerability and risk

Target Population

1 - Vulnerable children, youth and families 2 - Health, education and sports organisations


ACTIVATE is an initiative that aims to address the economic and social barriers experienced by vulnerable children, youth and families to participating in local sport and recreation activities across Frankston Mornington Peninsula.

Developed in partnership with Brotherhood of St Laurence, ACTIVATE 1) provides financial subsidies for children and young people to participate in a sport or recreational activity that they would otherwise be unable to afford; and 2) supports local sport and recreational clubs to create and provide safe, healthy and inclusive environments for children, young people and families.

Initially established through funding received under the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) Program, the initiative has now evolved to a multi-sector collaborative partnership amongst 15 organisations from local health, justice, education, local government and sports organisations.

This collaboration aims to improve the strategic and targeted use of existing community resources and capabilities, and to provide a platform for engagement and interface with key sport and recreation strategies within Government policies and framework.

Contact: Rodney Mackintosh, Executive Officer,