Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Catchment Based Planning

Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Catchment Based Planning

Action Area

Improve responsiveness to people with alcohol and other drug issues

Strategic Direction

Local solutions; person centred services and care

Priority Actions

Increasing earlier intervention; access to better connected care

Target Population

alcohol and other drug service providers across Bayside Peninsula area


The purpose of AOD catchment planning is to assist AOD providers to collaboratively identify service gaps and develop strategies that improve responsiveness to people with AOD issues – particularly those facing disadvantage.

This is also expected to provide a basis for improved cross sector coordination for a more planned, joined-up approach to the needs of individual clients.

Service coordination is expected across housing, mental health, primary health, justice, education, employment and family violence agencies.

Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) funds Peninsula Health to undertake the Catchment-based planning function for the Bayside Peninsula area.

This is done so in partnership with all AOD services operating in the catchment and a range of stakeholders, including the Department.

All service providers funded to deliver alcohol and other drug treatment services are expected to be actively involved in the development, implementation and review of the plan in their local catchment.

Contact: Nicole Simpson, AOD Catchment Planning Coordinator,