Our Community

Our Community

The estimated population across the Frankston Mornington Peninsula catchment is 300 373 (139,511 Frankston and 160,862 Mornington Peninsula).

In Frankston, 25% were aged between 0-19 and 21% aged 60 and over. The highest population group are those aged 40-49 with 14.31%.

Analysis of the service age groups of Mornington Peninsula Shire in 2016 compared to Greater Melbourne shows that there was a lower proportion of people in the younger age groups (0 to 17 years) and a higher proportion of people in the older age groups (60+ years).

The major differences between the age structure of Mornington Peninsula Shire and Greater Melbourne were:


Larger percentage of 'Seniors (70 to 84)' (14.0% compared to 7.7%)


Larger percentage of 'Empty nesters and retirees (60 to 69)' (14.1% compared to 9.3%)

Young People

Smaller percentage of 'Young workforce (25 to 34)' (8.7% compared to 16.3%)


Smaller percentage of 'Tertiary education and independence (18 to 24)' (7.0% compared to 10.0%)

About Our Community

72% of residents in Frankston LGA are born in Australia, relatively high compared to the Victorian average of 64%. The remaining cultural backgrounds within the Frankston LGA are comprised mainly of those born in England (5.6%); New Zealand (2.34%) and India (1.28%).The Mornington Peninsula 17.8% of the population was born overseas, and 6.1% were from a non-English speaking background compared to 33.8% & 27% respectively for Greater Melbourne. Both Frankston and Mornington Peninsula have seen increases residents who come from a country where English is not their first language.46.38% of Frankston Mornington Peninsula residents report achieving year 12 or equivalent, lower than the Victorian average of 54.4%. Frankston SEIFA index of disadvantage is 997 and Mornington Peninsula, 1022.While there are areas of obvious wealth there are ‘hot spots’ of entrenched disadvantage in Frankston North and Frankston Central, Seaford and Carrum/Carrum Downs (FCC), Hastings, Rosebud, Rye, and Baxter (MPS)1. The SEIFA index is currently being updated from the 2016 census data however anecdotal evidence still sees these hot spots as high needs areas across the catchment however particular other areas of need have been highlighted such as Karingal in the Frankston CBD.

Our Membership

To be eligible for membership, all applicants must provide services within the local government area Frankston and/or Mornington Peninsula or provide services that are available and accessible to communities across Frankston Mornington Peninsula.

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