Our Priorities

Our Priorities

Underlying Principles

The following underpinning principles form the foundation of all activities supported by the Frankston Mornington Peninsula Primary Care Partnership:

  • Promoting access and equity – every individual has an equal right to access appropriate services
  • Supporting evidence based practice – prioritising implementation of strategies that are effective and supported by research, continuous quality improvement and evaluation
  • Developing and maintaining effective partnerships – Addressing complex problems requires multi-sectoral approaches. Partnerships need to be maintained and developed for effective coordination of local action
  • Promoting stakeholder and consumer participation – consumer, community and key stakeholder participation is essential in the development and implementation of strategy to facilitate the ongoing development of appropriate responses
  • Being responsive to emerging issues – flexibility to respond to new and emerging issues, and the changing needs of government, the community, and the services sector

The Strategic Imperative

The work of Frankston Mornington Peninsula Primary Care Partnership is responding to an environment that is rapidly changing:

  • Catchment’s population and labour market is changing in location and in profiles of age, health and wellbeing, as are people’s preferences and expectations. People increasingly expect higher quality, more timely and individualised services.
  • Data, analytics and technology need to be incorporated into planning, monitoring and evaluation of interventions and responses.
  • Universal health, education and care services are not always reaching everyone and aren’t always available to meet the needs of everyone that needs them. There are vulnerable populations across the catchment that are under serviced
  • For people with multiple and complex needs, multi-sectoral and integrated responses are required. Greater emphasis on targeting prevention activities to individuals and places most at risk of poorer health and wellbeing
  • There is an increasing recognition that creating the necessary social conditions to stimulate healthy behaviours, or tackle societal trends, cannot be achieved by a single sector acting alone
  • Available services and supports need improved integration to break down the artificial barriers within and between service sectors to ensure care is coordinated around what people need and want.

Strategic Directions

Identified four strategic directions that we will pursue to focus our partnership efforts.

These strategic directions align with the policy and sector reform agenda, and are based on the best available evidence about what will generate improvement in the impact of health and social services and activities on the lives of communities and people across the catchment.

  • Person centred services and care – enabling people to look after themselves better, including through 1) better access to information and resources; 2) Fostering meaningful relationships that help people to improve their health and wellbeing; and 3) enabling people to work collaboratively with professionals
  • Local solutions1) Collaborating and coordinating more effectively to respond to local needs; and 2) Engage in joint local planning and activity built on an understanding of the social determinants of health and wellbeing
  • Earlier and more connected support1) Support universal services to be more effective in identifying and responding to risk and vulnerability and more active in linking individuals and families to specialist services
  • Advancing quality, safety and innovation1) Enhance the effectiveness of interventions and the experience of the people relying on health and human services

Our Membership

To be eligible for membership, all applicants must provide services within the local government area Frankston and/or Mornington Peninsula or provide services that are available and accessible to communities across Frankston Mornington Peninsula.

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