Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

Partnerships are very valuable as the collaborative process brings different stakeholders together, making it possible for them to accomplish much more than they can on their own.

An organisation’s ability to work in an integrated way will depend on its ability to initiate and sustain effective involvement with other partners.

A successful collaboration or partnership involves;

  • Developing a shared vision
  • Investing time in developing trust between the partners
  • Supporting and building the capacity of the partners
  • Recognising the various skills the partner may have and ensuring effective communication
  • Sharing of information between partners (Nutbeam & Harris, 2009).

The Frankston Mornington Peninsula Primary Care Partnership will work in partnership with providers to:

  • Improve the experience and outcomes for people who use primary care services across the Frankston Mornington Peninsula; and
  • Reduce the preventable use of hospital, medical and residential services through a greater emphasis on health promotion programs and by responding to the early signs of disease and/or people’s need for support.

Our Membership

To be eligible for membership, all applicants must provide services within the local government area Frankston and/or Mornington Peninsula or provide services that are available and accessible to communities across Frankston Mornington Peninsula.

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