Policy and Service Sector Reforms

Policy and Service Sector Reforms

Frankston Mornington Peninsula Primary Care Partnership provides assistance to member and partnership organisations to navigate the shifting sands of the health and social reform environment.

We aim to assist partners to better understand the complex and changing operating environment so they can respond in a planned and proactive way.There are common themes across all of these reforms which present opportunities and challenges to health and social service organisations. Further to this, is the impact of multiple health and social reform, including reforms to disability services, aged care, family violence, vulnerable children and mental health.All these changes have implications for the governance and management of health and social service organisations as well as their service delivery.

Our Membership

To be eligible for membership, all applicants must provide services within the local government area Frankston and/or Mornington Peninsula or provide services that are available and accessible to communities across Frankston Mornington Peninsula.

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