What our partners say

What our partners say

Belinda Berry

Peninsula Health

The Frankston Mornington Peninsula Primary Care Partnership has been the corner stone of building collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders in the Alcohol and Other Drug sector. Together we have been able to respond to emerging issues in our area in a coordinated and informed way. We have demonstrated that we are stronger together and having an agency such as the PCP to facilitate these conversations we have successfully resourced grants to benefit our community and provided multiagency support for people in an informed and considered way without duplicating efforts.

Jodie Belyea

Family Life

Have worked with the team from the FMPPCP on exciting initiatives that respond to  emerging social issues across the FMP including: strengthening awareness and understanding of Aboriginal culture; supporting Family Violence partnerships, and coordinating support efforts into to schools for vulnerable students. The FMPPCP provide great thought leadership and are valued collaborators across the community and health sectors.

Mel Thomson

Taskforce Community Agency

FMPPCP has been instrumental is both supporting and coordinating transparent collaboration among service providers; in addition to driving the priorities of the AOD sector, they have facilitated and strengthened positive working relationships. I have been fortunate to have experienced the significant benefits of working with the FMP PCP as a Senior Manager across both the Frankston Mornington Peninsula and Bayside areas, and the platform that the PCP offers to service providers, fosters both communication and best practise within the AOD sector. I look forward to the continued engagement, and to working alongside the PCP, to ensure that our sector provides effective and thoughtful responses to our community needs”.

Our Membership

To be eligible for membership, all applicants must provide services within the local government area Frankston and/or Mornington Peninsula or provide services that are available and accessible to communities across Frankston Mornington Peninsula.

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