Youth Engagement In Frankston

Youth Engagement In Frankston

Action Area

Marginalised youth disengaged from education, training and employment

Strategic Direction

Local solutions

Priority Actions

Increasing earlier intervention

Target Population

Youth at risk who routinely socialise in the Frankston Central Activity District (CAD)


To strengthen protective factors against AOD dependence and other poor health and social outcomes, the Responding to Alcohol and other Drugs Across Frankston Mornington Peninsula (RAD-FMP) Steering Committee sort to enhance opportunities for social inclusion and skill development for youth at-risk. It received support via the State Government’s Frankston Revitalisation initiative to work with stakeholders in designing two youth engagement projects and funded an outreach pilot in the Frankston CBD, ‘YouRPath’, (led by TaskForce Community Agency), and the ‘RAD Project’ (led by Frankston City Council Youth Services).

Through assertive outreach in the Frankston CBD, YouRPath strengthened early intervention with youth at-risk, improved service co-ordination for the target group, and supported pathways to services, training and recreational opportunities. The RAD Project also engaged youth at-risk in the Frankston CBD in a range of community art and skill development programs co-designed with the target group. It utilised the delivery of these programs as a gateway to simultaneously introduce the target group to educational and employment opportunities, and build relationships with others in the community, such as local traders and artists, and improve participants’ wellbeing.

Beyond the first grant, Frankston City Council Youth Services continue to sustain some RAD activities and work with local youth service to deliver collaborative outreach. Through demonstrating impact and ongoing need, and in partnership with the State Government’s Frankston Revitalisation initiative, RAD-FMP has been provided further funds to leverage and extend previous efforts.

This will involve harnessing existing youth service resources to enhance coordinated assertive outreach in the precinct; engage youth at-risk in community development activity, revitalise and activate public spaces; provide skill development and volunteer opportunities; and develop links and pathways to employment, education and training opportunities.

These strategies aim to increase participation in pro-social and skill development activities; strengthen links between available community resources in responding to youth at-risk; improve early intervention and service access for hard to reach youth; and improve public perceptions about young people who socialise in the Frankston Central Activity District (CAD).

Contact: Kirsty Morgan, RAD FMP Project Coordinator,